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Hey everyone I was just curious as to ask what you guys do to record so much storage. Like I’ve seen super long flights like Doha to Asia and I wonder how much storage they use to create the flight. Do you put it in the SD Card for Android users? I was planning on making my first ever time lapse.

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I would assume that you don’t need to get any extra storage options or anything. Even the longest flights won’t completely fill up all your storage, so you’d fly, record and then delete when finished.

P.S. Doha to Asia doesn’t take that long, unless you meant the Americas or Oceania. :)


It really depends on what your settings are. If you have low graphics, you won’t have much storage.

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The max I’ve reached is around 140MB and that was on a 17h flight. Recording files would not have a big effect on memory but it is prudent to clean up once in a while before memory becomes limited.

I’m not sure if the external storage on Android works with IF but if it does, 64GB would be the best choice. Tons of real estate in that one :)

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I have the day off today, so I’m going to try both my ipad and android, obviously two different flights and see how much storage each one takes up.

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So long story short, I did a flight from San Diego to Seattle, screen recording the entire thing with the IOS feature, stopped the recording at the end of the flight and saw that it didn’t save.

The replay file does not contain the scenery. It contains information about your plane over time as well as positioning information for those around you.

The more traffic you encounter along the way the more the size will increase. There is no magic formula that will tell you that a 12 hour flight = xxxx mb of storage.

If you are concerned about storage you can delete them as you finish or export off the ones you would like to save.

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Well fortunately for me the iPad just had to process the recording haha

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