Recording live for all devices.

Im disappointed that you cant record Live flight on all devices. I play on a Galaxy S5 and still cant record. Please make available for all the devices.

This should be moved to #features

i cant post there

oh really? why?

He’s a basic user.

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Oh, I didn’t know that oops.

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Isn’t android the only OS where someone can record a flight?

i have android

Are you sure you can’t record a flight?

@CaptDrew there are some screen recorder apps out there, unfortunately the majority cost money.

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What device, version, etc.

when i play live i cant record, i press the record option it tells me its not supported on my device.

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I have a Galaxy S5 i play on

You need to upgrade to Android 5.0 or higher to be able to record.

how can i do that?

or does that require a new device

And actually I do have android 5.0

Get AIRSHOU its a free iOS 9 recording app I use it for infinite flight

I have android not ios

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