Recording is green

So basically, my friend asked me to do this. The title says it all, my friend uses a Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace and everytime he send a video on social media, the screen is green. Like this one below


App Version:

Device Software Version:

Steps on how to recreate:

Please add this to the post for the devs to get a better understanding of what’s going on

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Device Samsung Galaxy J1 ace

I made this video with a galaxy phone and it’s not green maybe it the screen recording app
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Depending on exactly which J1 Ace version, it is probably the lack of device system resources.
There are 3 different variants of the same model each with different system memory. All are pretty low (relatively speaking) but thr J110L is super low.

512 MB RAM - J110L
768 MB RAM - J110F, J110G
1 GB RAM - J110M, J111F

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