Recording flights

I have an iPhone 6s and was wondering how to record my flight as i see many people posting videos on facebook of their flight?

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You will have to be on Android to film using the IF filming thingy.

You can download a third party recording software. Check for reviews and download the one that suits you.

And for IOS how can I find Recording for my I 6+, because app store i didnt founded! Can anybody know a good Recording app??

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thx @Sturmovik click the link later because now is countdownnn olympic ceremony will be starting in 30 min

The IF ones? Good luck.

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thank u the event is over wwe had a joke but was short event. :-)

Which one of this app do u have on ure phone?
Is this only for Audio Recording? Its impossible also rec ure Flights of IF?

I have Android, my game comes with the recorder included.

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ahhmm ok, I hope next Update will be also for IOS included a Rec. :)