Recording flights Samsung S6

Dear all, since a few months, I can not record my flights in Infinite Flight. It Is written that my device is not supported. How can I fix this ? Because I can not understand how a recent device like this is not supported. Thanks in advance :)

Create a folder named as Movies in your gallery :)

Wich version of Android are you using?

It is the 6.0.1 one ;)

Okay I will try it thanks a lot for your answer :)

It is not working. “Can’t start video capture, Your device is currently not supported”… I am going to cry ^^

Have you tried restarting your device?

Yes but no changes…

Is this airshou if so delete it and re get it your invitation code is saved with your normal shou app get airshou back and then try

I am sorry, not sure that I have understand what you have written…

What do you use to record?

The button on the right side in the application, in the “pause” menu

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