Recording (Done) @ PHNL (Expert Server)

Come on down for a chance to see yourself in a YouTube video!


I hope you didn’t record my bad landing…

I just did, but I will edit it out for you.

Recording has ended, I will edit and upload the video and post it here when I’m done.

No, it’s not a Problem haha 😄

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What’s the name of your YT channel?

The video has been uploaded! (turn your volume up)

People in the video:
@Eaglelife (5:46)
@Michael_Llamas (7:39)
@Mix56awesome (7:56)
@Nick_Callum (8:56)
@Chad_Garnett (9:31)
@Grady_Herbert (11:01)
@MannyG (11:21)



Nice! Thanks for the recording!

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Awesome! Thanks for the footage! I had about 50 things at work going on so the take off was a bit rough since I was on the phone and writing something down for a meeting!

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I was Korean 5 6 (Captain Mix56) at 7:58

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Think of it this way. A good takeoff is one that successfully gets you off the ground with a positive rate.

Very nice video. The yesterday flight was wonderful. A lot of traffic, the ATCs job was perfect. In the video I was doing my go around during my first landing attempt :-)

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Didn’t even realize you were recording lol. Cool to see myself land for a change. I actually had to go missed before this because I was way too high so I got vectored back around and the gusting wind was really creating a challenge for me. It was fun nonetheless!

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