Record | some flights this hoilday | A359 B772 A320 B737

The holiday are going to the end, so I think I should create a topic to record and look back my flights. I don’t exactly remember the details of some flight but I will try to recall. Here are some photos.

Cathay Pacific A350-900 take off at VHHH

Delta A359-900 KLAX to KSFO

Cathay Pacific A350-900 landing at ZHHH

*American airline B777-200ER landing at KJFK *

A350-900 Wing | WSSS - VHHH

A320 doing pattern

Parking | ZSPD - VHHH

B737 landing at EHAM


Departing from ZBAD or ZBAA

Most flight are departed at VHHH or arrived at VHHH, because Cathay Pacific is one of my favorite airlines.

Hopefully you would like them and look forward to fly with you one day


Great pics but as a rule you can only have 10 photos.


About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED Look at this for all of the rules.

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Those are some awesome shots! I’m looking forward to my holidays so I can fly more :)

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@Zhopkins Thanks for your reminding


Right now you have 12 pictures. Make sure to remove 2 that way moderators do not have to come on.

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it is OK now

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Great pictures!

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thank you very much

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