Record setting tailwind

I usually dont make topics like this but i thought this deserved it. I already put it in the pirep thread but again i think this is a record. We have east moving wind over the pacific ocean near japan at FL340 with the highest winds of 219kts. you can see it for yourself on


Japan tends to get superb tailwinds from my experience


Ive never seen something that powerful though.

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I had 224knts headwind on my climb to FL400 (and for about an hour) during my flight down the Japanese coast from 'Narita to Ho Chi Minh City yesterday. Was quite crazy!

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DAMN thats crazy. poor you getting a headwind lol

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I’ve seen winds up to 245kts over the northern pacific ocean, I’ve bad to counter them. Been trying to find the screenshots but they’re lost in my phone 😂


Thats insane :0

Yeah over 200 is pretty common around the pacific jetstreams. I’ve gotten over 670kts ground speed several times on transpacific flights at lower flight levels.

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