Record on Infinite flight

How do I record on Infinite Flight on the app itself is it in settings? Anything will help.

Are you on iOS or Android?

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iOS platform IOS 11.

iOS 11 has a built in screen recorder.

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So what I cannot record on IF?

3rd party app or go to the Settings>General>Control Center>Customize Controls
Then look for this:
Then when you add that to the control center, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and click the screen recording button.


But I mean like the app itself

And you can. It will record picture and sound.

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It’s not an app. You have to do what I said.

Ok thanks for the help.

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You can do it through settings with the built in feature, or you can install an app. If you want to use the built in screen recorder, refer to what @Trio said.

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