Record number ATC

Have you stopped the party since New Years?

Quitters never win and winners never quit… a lesson you weren’t taught it appears

Nope I wasn’t thought it


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What’s the highest you’ve seen?

Are you looking for most number of frequencies open, # of controllers, or operations?

Either way we can guess on #1 and #2. Gary wins 2017 with operations.

Most number of freq open

According to my data, the most was around 28. We had multiple airports fully staffed.


Wow that’s amazing! Was that an event or soemthing?

No just a busy weekend. I think it may have been a FNF.

If I remember correctly it was Hawaii. We almost had every airport open.

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Correction we did have every facility open.


Thats right. I think we threatened a few people in Slack to control that day.


Ah okay, what does slack mean (or do u mean people who weren’t doing anything)

Slack is an online messaging/chat tool. Many VAs and IFATC use it to communicate between members.

We use it to ask questions on situations, announce when we open/close, coordinate runway crossings with other controllers, alert controllers to ghosting complaints, the occasional joke may be seen every now and then.


Ah wow, that all seems very ordered, we never see how much work atc really do for us!


It is quite impressive on a Friday Night Flight to see the coordination between controllers. Tower asking for more space from approach to get the pilots on the ground out. Gary coming up with new approach patterns and where to hold people. Ground coordinating with Tower on when to cross planes.


Would like to but I can’t due to the fact I’ve been ghosted last month…

The record number of ATC’s working concurrently on Expert (or Training?)?
The record number of hours that an ATC was controlling?
The record number of operations per session?
The record number of aircrafts handled by an ATC?
The record number of operations total?

Well…I have no idea.

What would be good if a controller filmed the FNF and how it all works.

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