Record Keeping Services

Hey IFC,
I have recently been told that there is a record-keeping service outside of Infinite Flight and thus my VO Infinite Flight Official Records has been closed for application. Would anyone be able to tell me where to find this third-party service?
Thanks a lot!

If you are referring to the IFVARB, all their operations have moved to their official website,

No they said there is a separate Infinite Flight record keeping service out there off the IFC and is not supported or affiliated with IFVARB.

First off, who’s they?

Second off, record keeping of what?

  1. Is an admin from IFVARB.
  2. I’m pretty sure records like longest flight time etc.

Never heard of such an app. Are you referring to the IFC’s record books?

There are threads like this except this one is closed as of now:

There may also not be a use for a VO dedicated to just Records.

There is currently no VOs dedicated to just records as I as in the application process before they deciding to stop all record keep services.

No i’m referring to a service outside of the IFC and IF that has broken and new records for IF.

Because threads and other topics can cover what a VO can do, just because a VO exists for this isn’t gonna stop people. It would become obscure and not helpful towards the community


I know there are multiple record-keeping services out there but I’ve been told there is one outside of the IFC.

Not sure that this 100% exists but if it does, let me know. I’d love to find out about it.

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