Record history self check?

Any way I can check my own record of violations?
I know how to see the status of others which some are amazingly high but would be interested to see how many violations I’ve racked up.


If you find yourself on LiveFlight I think it shows you your violations.


Yeah as @hmkane righty said just spawn at any airport and then take a look via the LiveFlight website to see how many violations you have …

If you need help with doing this ,PM me and i will come help you :)


I have had many cases of the LiveFlight not displaying correct landings or violations statistics. @Ken_Irwin, I would personally recommend getting online with a friend and having them tell you or screenshot your stats for you.

If you need me to, just reply to this or message me with a time. I’m free most of tomorrow. :)

Thank you much. I’ll see if I can do it

Thank you.

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