Record Breaking Flight

I am taking on the task of completing the longest flight on IF! I will fly for about 1 week and a 1/2 (it’s my goal at least) in the 777F FedEx livery thanks @FedExVirtual for supporting me in this endeavor. I will depart some time tomorrow if you would like to track my flight or fly with me for a little some more info will be below. Thats it for now all and Thanks for anyone who read this far!!!

I will start after School ends so on 6/8>6/9 I am doing this because its been hard to do schoolwork and monitor the flight so I am postponing it.

More info:

Status: N/A
Near: N/A
Flight Time: N/A
Server: Casual
Heading To: N/A
Link to track the flight:


This sounds cool, it might be a better idea to do it on casual though in case IF malfunctions and you get violations - random stall, underestimated fuel, etc.


I am spawning at KLAX to start the flight I will depart at 9:30

Looks great 👍

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I have departed KLAX

If anyone would like to join me I am going to do some Touch and go at KJFK will up date when I get closer.

I am no longer going to stop at KJFK will go straight to LFPG

Where are you going after LFPG?

I will probably fly to FACT and then to SAWH

Good luck! This is a very difficult record to break. Hope your device survive this.

Thanks I am hoping for the same thing

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I may not land at LFPG so if you wanted to join me there you may not be able to. I will keep everyone updated.

I will be Landing at LFPG in the next hour! If you want to join me this is your chance.

My IPad died over night (forgot to plug it in 🤦🏽‍♂️) So I will restart some time today

Take 2 I will be departing shortly if you want to join me news your chance.

LiveFlight link is active!

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I will be landing in KMEM and heading to SBGR. So come and join me on the training server in KMEM to SBGR!

not showing up

We lost are WIFI yesterday night and it only came back today so I will have to reschedule and restart again I will keep you updated.

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When are you planning to restart