Recommended Xbox Controller Layout?

Hello IF! I have recently got myself an Xbox controller that I can use to play IF with the Ipad. While the default configuration is okay, I can’t help but feel more can be done with it. If anyone uses an Xbox controller regularly, what are your binds set to? Im just fishing for layouts try out!


I use PS4, but its all the same. I am assuming you are using a Bluetooth connection and not through IF connect. I can provide mappings for both but below are the mappings if you just use the controller directly with your iPad. Not sure about the xbox (let me know), but with the PS4 you do not get access to all of the buttons via Bluetooth. Meaning, my touchpad button, menu/options button, R3/L3, and PS Button all do not register and will not map. If I use IF connect with a PC however, and plug my controller into the computer, I can fully map all of those, but the throttle is “sticky” and needs to be clicked to increase in increments of like 5%-7% (so getting from 0-100% takes a finger workout lol).

See below:


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