Recommended virtual airlines

Hello so I have a been wanting to join a virtual airline, but I haven’t been able to find one that ever responds, so I wanted to know what are some recommended ones that have fast respond times and a good pilot system. What do you guys recommend?

You can always go and check in the #live:va category and most of the VAs reply in 24-48 hours

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Oh boy, another one of these topics.

Just join the VA of your choice, there is no ‘recommended VAs’ as all of them passed IFVARB.

Just be patient if they don’t reply.

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Most of the time VA recruiters are very swamped, especially for the bigger ones, so it will probably take some time for then to get back to you. They probably have crowded lifes outside of IF as well.

It has been stated in the past that these topics are not allowed as the turn into advertisement threads for VA’s.

just choose on which you think fits you best. you can even join multiples VA’s if you wish.

Most of the community VAs are extremely active here in the community. Hang in there but I assure you that if you meet their requirements they will definitely get back to you.