Recommended Region Purchase? [Advanced]

I want to buy a new region to be able to fly more often on Advanced. Where do most Advanced pilots fly?

They differ every day.

London or Hawaii

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Most Advanced pilots fly on the Advanced server, and the busiest (paid) regions on it are London and Hawaii.

I suggest you to buy London.


I figured this much


It’s gotta be London, Hawaii or the Caribbean.


Usually London or the Caribbean


I think I’ll go with London then

If you want to fly on the advanced then London is the best but it differs regularly
, ATC playground is best in Southern California

London, Hawaii, Caribbean ;)

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London, if you want wind and ither stufff.

Hawaii, if you want large regions.

Either way, atc’s will be there some days

Just don’t go for Seattle if you want a region that has regular use on Advanced, it’s pretty much a ghost town. Ghost town, get it? Ghost - town. Ahhhhh I’m smart…


London, London is nice

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Hawaii has it’s fair share of days open on advanced ATC. It’s a big region and very pretty too!

If you like exploring and loneliness, get seattle/ portland

I live un washington, Vancouver WA so it was one of the first regions i bought. Gotta have yoyr hometown right?


I can’t buy my hometown. The closest region is probably Amsterdam, some 600 kilometres away, which is free.

Live+ All the way, all of the regions😉

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London hasn’t big real routes,like Singapore,the route from PHNL to PHTO is about 40-50 minutes