Recommended iPad Model for IF


I am currently in the market for a new iPad to run the simulator; my current model is the iPad Air 3.

Which model currently has the best value and will run the simulator best? I saw on an older post that the Air series does not perform as well as the standard or Pro lines — is this still true?

I am open to refurbished models.


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I currently use the iPad Air (5th Generation) on all high settings and it runs Infinite Flight smoothly and I personally experience no issues and can highly recommend the latest iPad Air as an ideal device for Infinite Flight.

I also have linked the device compatibility thread below as I believe it includes some useful information regarding devices and each devices pros and cons:

Is the 5th Gen the 2021 model?

The iPad Air (5th Gen) is the 2022 model released on March 18th 2022.

I use the iPad 9th gen (2021) and in my opinion, its the best ipad you can get on a budget! rubs smoothly on all high settings, and you can have anti aliasing on, just restart the game before a longer flight just to be sure the game doesnt crash, it adds that layer of guarantee that the game will run smoother than ever, but i advise you to check the thread above that @Declan posted! Its really useful, I used it myself.

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I use my MAIN iPhone ( 12 mini ) for IF and it runs smoothly surprisingly I ran a 13 almost 14 hours without any frame drops or crashes. ( I play 30fps and turn my brightness down )

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I use ipad air 6th gen that should be good too

A iPad Pro 6th gen works amazing, although it’s a bit pricey, so I wouldn’t buy it just for Infinite Flight.

I bought the IPad (256gb) 10th gen a week ago and for my few flights since then It has worked great. I have to keep it on low light to keep my battery (even while charging). I def recommend it!

I play IF on my iPad Pro M1 11” and it runs very smoothly at maxed out graphics. I know it is not affordable for everyone but if you search well enough I’m sure you can find some pretty good deals, I found my one at around 700 bucks, and it also have 256GB of internal storage, I recommend it to you, keep us updated!

I would recommend the IPad mini, as it’s cheaper, but is really good at keeping IF running for long periods of time.

I use the iPad Air 5th gen (2021) and it works just fine. Graphics at the highest setting work with 100 apps in the background.

I’ll just throw a suggestion out and say not to go to big. It’s always nice to be able to see larger than something on your phone, but too big of an iPad like the 12.9" from Apple is not good for flying on Infinite Flight, but works well for ATC, or editing an airport.

Those of course are just a personal preference, but should be something to consider.


Bro he said not on the pro side

Oh alright… My bad

No doubt the iPad air 5th Gen with the m1 chip

iPad Air 5, IF dosent crash since I moved from my bent (now broken in half) iPad Air 4

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