Recommended high school courses to become a commercial pilot

This is my first year of high school and I want to make my dreams come true by becoming a commercial airline pilot one day. I was wondering if someone could tell me which courses would be best to become a commercial pilot, so if you know please help me. (I live in Canada if you’re wondering where I’m from)
Thank you.

In high school? Unless you are at a school that offers aviation-related courses (which honestly have minimal significance anyway) or one that is solely dedicated to aviation, there are none. Just do well and graduate. And enjoy your life. The things I would do to relive those days.

If you want to get a jumpstart on your knowledge and possibly some hours under your belt, enroll in flight school or browse online courses from sites such as Sporty’s and Gleim.


^^ wise words from Zachary

From my experience, I took an Intro to Aviation class that put me through ground school, and I was testing my knowledge on ground school training. I am at college, and they offer a professional pilot degree, which will also give me my pilot’s license once completed. If your school offers aviation-related courses, take them and get a feel for them.


My school doesn’t have any aviation related courses, but I did some research and it said that I need to take math’s and science in high school


These are requirements to graduate with a GED/diploma. Without them, you won’t complete high school and, therefore, won’t be able to apply for jobs that require secondary education (such as being a commercial pilot).


Ok, thanks for your assistance.

In my high school experience, there really wasn’t aviation-specific courses that existed. You could start an aviation club if you think there is enough interest/support from a teacher, that would be an awesome thing to venture into (would likely help with college applications).

Otherwise, extracurriculars would be your best bet. It looks like you’re in Canada, so the Air Cadets may be something you want to look into. I was in Civil Air Patrol when I was in middle-high school (still in, but not as active in college) and I was able to get my PPL through their Cadet Wings Program. I’m nowhere near as familiar with the Canadian Air Cadets, however. But it should have some aspects similar to Civil Air Patrol down here in the states.

I hope this helps!


There are no courses that’d help.

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Thank you, and I’ve heard of Air cadets before and I might join them.

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So if I don’t take science in high school again after this year I can still become a pilot?

The enlisted in the navy and built some experience with fighter jets

Study math and physics

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Science is very broad. Are we talking about earth science? Chemistry? Anatomy?

I suggest you talk to your guidance counselor/academic advisor. I am not familiar with Canada’s education program. But the key thing to remember is that you need to graduate if you want a chance at becoming a successful commercial pilot. The only way to get that degree is to complete high school and any required classes.

Yes of course

ok thanks.

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