Recommended height

Hello everyone!! ? Any formula to calculate the recommended height, knowing the distance between airports in the flight plan?

I personally fly pretty short routes, so this might not be a general formula…
[(Total distance / 2) / 3] x 1.000
60 miles / 2 = 30 / 3 = 10 x 1.000 = 10.000 ft

Applying this formula will always give you enough time to climb and descent.

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I used real world IFR plates, and make sure I am at the correct altitude, speed and heading as required for each waypoint.

Cruising height between Portland and Seattle is 20,000 to 24,000 feet depending on the departure and arrival runways. Most common altitude I see on Flightradar24 is 20,000ft.

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Thank you!!! very interesting!!

I will prove this formula !!!

I will seek the IFR plates to make it as real as possible. Thank you !!!

I have made it really easy for you. Just find the indicated waypoints and fly at the indicated altitudes and speeds. In this route you are taking off from KSEA RW 16L and landing at KPDX RW 28R.
Then take off KPDX RW 28L and land at KSEA RW 16R.


Thank you!! please suggest me a place to download more ??

That is the only one I have made so far.

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congratulations. He has done a great job !!! thanks for sharing !!!