Recommended graphics settings without overkill

Hello everyone! I wanted to ask whether anyone can tell me which graphics settings is the best compromise between good performance and keeping your phone cool. I have an iPhone 12 Pro, so I could go to the theoretical maximum, but I rather prefer having a cool mobile phone while playing than having best graphics but with my phone reaching insane temperatures. Even now as all my graphics settings are on low and auto low power is turned on as well, my phone sometimes tends to get pretty hot. Which settings will hurt my phone’s chips more and which less? Where can I go to medium or high quality without more performance used, and which settings should I rather keep at low quality?


I think you could do everything max without it getting to hot

I have the XR and i run all my graphics on max at 30 fps. I highly recommend copying. Yes the phone may get hot but i just stay in a room thats cold like my room for the flight, believe it or not sitting in a room w a good and cool AC does make a significant difference in the temperature of the phone so yes i highly recommend max graphics at 30 fps in a cold room

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Nah its almost guaranteed to get hot after like 15 mins

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My settings for the iPhone Pro Max and iPad Pro 11”:

Graphics Maxed
Quality Maxed
Frame rate 30fps
Antialiasing Enabled
Aircraft Count High to Very High
Screen brightness mid to high

Graphics Maxed
Quality Maxed
Antialiasing Enabled
Screen dimmed all the way down
Audio turned to low setting without muting
Low Power Mode enabled
Time of day switched to night

They maintain 100% charge on the provided chargers from Apple however, they tend to heat up a bit around other aircraft and when at the departure/arrival airport. I’ll pop my case off sometimes since Apple has done nothing to make cooling an objective with their boards.


Thanks for your response! It’s good to know I am not alone with this issue. I mean, my apartment is always at 20-22 °C (68-72 °F) except in the summer, and sometimes (but only sometimes) I can’t put my phone on my table because my phone’s temperature would soar to unhealthy levels. It is funny that the overheating only appears sometimes – there are occasions when I can put my phone on my sofa without the phone overheating, but at other occasions, only water cooling could keep my phone cool 😉 And before you ask, yes, I have closed all other apps and didn’t change any settings, and the result varies by chance (now it’s rather hot again) 😏

I’ve found screen brightness, frame rate setting and charging to be the likely culprits for the device heating up. Once I’m at cruise, low power mode is active and the screen brightness is down, minimal heat is apparent on the back of my devices.

I wouldnt recommend changing graphics settings during a flight, it likely can cause a crash…even when lowering the settings. i’ve tried it before and took hard Ls

never had a problem with changing graphics settings inflight, open beta excluded

@Captain_Oblivious Which phone do you have? Was it simply a bad experience you had long time ago, or is it something you have troubleshooted a bit? Just asking out of curiosity :)

I do that all the time when flying to places more than 2400nm and (exclude open beta) I did not crash.

I’ve never experienced an issue changing settings during a flight.

I have the same phone. I had it at 60fps but then returned to 30fps because it’ll eat your battery damaging it and making your phone hot. Place in freezer for few seconds if it gets hot.

The way you describe it, I imagine it looks like this :D

Please don’t place it in the freezer. The board will subcool and come up through the dewpoint which will cause the ambient warm air and cool temps from inside the device to condense and form moisture droplets which will kill the board and chipset.


I have a 12 (non Pro) and I run all high graphics 30 FPS. It works great and it doesn’t really heat up unless I spend a lot of time at 3D airports with heavy traffic

trouble-shooted a bit some months ago. I think I may have even made a topic about it. not sure tho

Ahh, maybe the traffic is the issue. Last night, I fell asleep while I was flying via NAT A with several planes in 30min distance from me, at least one plane just 5min behind me. Overheating with these circumstances would seem a bit to extreme as the distance between each aircraft is still many nautical miles, but that was an occasion when my phone was hot when I started my flight at EGLL (which was far less overcrowded yesterday) and hours later when I woke up and stopped the flight midflight (less than an hour before reaching the end of NAT A). This feels a bit weird…

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I only put it for a few seconds like 3 seconds with the door open then I bring it out I don’t leave it in there. I experimented with an old phone it will kill your phone. Don’t put it in the freezer for too long either as sudden changes can damage your phone.

Probably a very accurate representation.

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