Recommended graphics settings for Samsung Galaxy A10e

Umm weird… on my end no issues at all

Yeah, I’ll try to help out. I don’t run it on this device because I didn’t think it was possible but I’ll look into it.

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No two devices are the same! One setting on one device might not work as well on another device etc. It just takes a bit of tweaking, to get it as best as you can. That thread that has been attached twice now, shows recommend settings for the devices, they might not be the perfect settings but are as good as it will get. Sometimes you have to mess about with certain settings to suit you and to get the best you can from your device. (How many times have I said device today 🙃).

Choosing my own settings, it’s like lag free, but not much in crowded airports.

With these settings, i don’t get much lag, expect if there is a lot of A350s

Then turn the settings down. I already said above based on the specs you’ll be limited to a mix of low/ medium. As nobody else has added it to my device compatibility thread, you just have to experiment around and find settings that work for you

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@Tyler_Barley Thank you. It would be of a great help. If people who have devices, know the details of what settings work best whilst running IF etc. It aids users on here asking those questions, then we can direct that user to the information they require more quickly 🙂

If you need help providing the information about that device or any others that haven’t been added to the compatibility thread, I’m sure @Kirito_77 would be kind enough to assist 🙂


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