Recommended graphics settings for Samsung Galaxy A10e

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve created this because I want to know what is the recommended graphics settings for my device.


Have a look this topic:

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I can’t find that device on that thread @bensonb, @SouljaFlight I don’t own the Galaxy A10e but in saying that, looking at your devices specs, I would recommend meduim to low graphic settings, low to medium airplane count when at busy airports. You can adjust your graphic’s to see what works best for you.

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Can i share like the processor, and how much RAM i have?

Yes if you want too, I would also post in the thread @bensonb attached above, so other people can add that device, so it will help users like yourself in the future, when looking for information like this.

Ok, give me a second.

OS: Android 9 Pie
Hardware: Exynos 7884, 2GB

Ok, I did take a quick look at your devices specs, the amount of RAM your device has is limited, I still recommend you set your graphics to medium or low whilst flying into busier airspaces and around other aircraft whilst on the ground at the airport.

How long have you had the device?
Is it new or secondhand?

The above is just recommend, as I said I don’t have that device. You know what settings will work best once you have tried them out. I assume you’ve played on IF yet? I understand you want to know what exact settings would be best. Without having that device to hand, I can’t give you the perfect answer.

I have the Galaxy S9 and I have 4GB of RAM, my device, I use for other things not just for playing IF, struggles and lags whilst flying in a busy airspace and whilst flying on the highest settings unfortunately, so I set my graphics to medium, maybe high when I’m flying on my own. It all depends on what’s happening around you. Remember to close any unwanted background apps before opening IF. This will help your device run at its full potential :)

I had the device since December. I’ve been playing infinite flight for like 2 years.

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The best thing to do is play around until you find the settings that are right for you.

Based purely on the raw specifications of your phone, I would say a mix of low and medium settings with low aircraft count would give the best experience, but your mileage may vary.

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So you’re actually successfully using Infinite Flight on that phone? I have the a-10s with two gigs of RAM, I did not think it was possible to run infinite flight, at least not successfully

Ok, i’ll give it a try.

I got the same phone…no issues yet.

My setup

@Tyler_Barley & @Murphy You guys have this device? If so why don’t you add this device to the device compatibility thread?

It could help others out in the future, by answering questions like this.


Is there a recommended settings for the device?

I mean… It’s right here

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Current graphics:
Airplane Count: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Low
Rendering Quality: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Limit Frame Rate: On

I tried Murphy’s settings, and it’s quite laggy.

Got the same. Just my rendering resolution is on high.

Isn’t rendering resolution supposed to be low to avoid lag?