Recommended Flight Plan site for IF

I used a site before to generate flight plans for IF and it used to always work. Well, being the person I am, I didn’t bookmark that site, and I ended up forgetting which one it was.

The current one I try to use doesn’t seem to work when I paste it in IF.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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If you’re feeling brave… This is a more advanced version of the above


Also if you can go to the history on the computer and maybe you can find it that way

I also recommend :)

Also, i use

I highly recommend Flight Plan Database:


Agreed. Always try to use ones that say “decoded,” though.

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Flight plan database has an infinite flight setting which makes it easy to copy over flight plans, highly recommend using it.

1 Like is good for IF. There are time of flight and fuel needed for flight for deferent aircrafts is the best.

It’s worth pointing out as well that if using the full Simbrief site to generate your flightplan and OFP at the end you can actually inject the .xml from simbrief into Fpltoif (link to this feature below)

Your plan will be analyzed. VS and distance will be calculated. If a waypoint is not in IF, the GPS coordinates will be generated

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FPL to IF it works every time!

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