Recommended Device

What phone would be the best for if? I have a shield tablet but at the moment it won’t connect to the internet. My phone isn’t that good but I am wondering what everyone else recommends

Most likely IPhone 7 if you can afford it, imo

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Try this thread for advice/recommendations on a new device.


I have an iPhone 6S and it runs great, however, if you want an iPhone for it I recommend waiting until the iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X come on the market if affordable.


Would i have to repurchase everything if i switched from an android device

If its a subscription, then no, but all the individual in app purchases, yes.

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I would try the Samsung Galaxy S8+, beautiful phone:-D


I use my iPad Mini 4. It works well, but works better when I leave some storage.

Either the iPhone 8 or the iPad pro 2017.

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I have the S6 Active and everything works beautifully, even on max graphics are stunning and work perfectly. Although I’m probably the only one with this phone, so ya know.

iPad Air 2 works excellent on max settings in a busy Live airport with airplane count set to high.

Plenty discussed. Use the search button for your benefit:)