Recommended Current ATC Frequencies

So I’m someone who really likes using to listen to live ATC communications. I’m assuming many other people also like doing this too, so I figured we should make this thread for current recommended ATC frequencies. I’m not saying to list an airport like JFK because of its popularity, but an airport like Atlanta right now (I’m listening to it right now) because currently the visibility is down to minimums, there are wind shear alerts on final, and it is VERY busy from all of the delays.
You can put down a frequency if it is
•Abnormally Busy
•Emergency Inbound
•Bad Weather
•Something Else that is Interesting

Please use the following format for easier accessibility


If this is a duplicate or if it belongs in #thirdparty let me know!

Mumbai (BOM) / Lima (LIM) / Nanjing (NKG) / Amman (AMM)

Reason: The 4 most delayed airports in the world behind Atlanta

Except LIM, none of those airports are on liveatc

JFK ground.

Reason: Kennedy steve


Wait… Steve has already retired I think unless I heard some fake news

Yeah I think he did. I’m pretty sure he mentioned it during an interview with CaptainJoe


I must be wrong, let me look again

Guess my news was fake, he retired 7 months ago :(

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Best one.
Aircraft : Ground?
Kensteve: Yes plane!

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Still cool to see how they deal with the traffic

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TYS ground around 9pm to 11pm eastern time, Might not be top, but around that time you will have myself, and other coworkers moving airplanes around. It can get alittle busy between the incoming traffic and us MX guys


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