Recommended Airports for ATC

What are some nice airports that you would recommend to ATC at?

I would recommend an airport that you know well or enjoy. But not something too big, because it can get crazy, especially on training server. But really it’s up to you.

Canadian airports and TXKF. The. End.


Yeah, I love to ATC at my home airport YBCG, just looking for something new :)

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Well I’m biased, but Boston is a lot of fun! It has got an interesting runway layout and gets a lot of diverse traffic. Give it a try!

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Yep! Will do, getting a little bored of ATC and flying out of YBCG as the airport hasn’t been updated in a while :(
Currently working on an update for it, hopefully get that done before heading to South Africa.

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KPSP is great for practice. It has great terrain around it. KSAN is also great.


If your looking for a place to actually test your skills (like a tracking thread) I highly suggest EDDL, KSSC, KBOI, KVAD and work your way up to intersecting runways like KSAV. :)

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KDFW, end of story

I started out at KONT. A nice small airfield with parallel runways. KLAX is next to it so it doesnt get as busy.


I always also do KONT on TS because it’s a really nice airport in real life

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