Hello, so today my tablet died (RIP) and I want to buy a new one

My badget is 100-210 USD.

Can you IFC recommend me for a good device in this badget?
I really care about strong battery and good graphics, also, don’t want it to be unfamiliar device because I want to buy it in Israel and because I don’t want to wait

Thank you

Acer Iconia One 10.

Good battery?

This may help, just take a look at each device and look in the notes, they may state the price range…


Most of the devices in my thread do not state prices, however the conversion rates are always different. It really is best to have a look, and see how much it would cost you where you live 🙂


Think you meant budget. Anyway most mobile devices made by Acer are pretty good but I would take a good look at the link @Mavic provided above and see what suits you.

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