Recommendations for my 22 hour flight

Today i decided to do my longest flight ever. My plane was to fly the entire globe with the b747 8. I will be starting at cyyz and planned to make a stop over at anchorage. I’m gonna fly pass egll, uuee, uhsh and then finally land at anchorage for refuel. Please give me recommendations before i take off.

Here is a recommendation, don’t use the 747 because it isn’t very fuel efficient, its quite old. Also, it does carry more fuel but remember, it has 4 engines so it won’t take you too far imo. Try with the 787 or the A350, they are both very capable of flying 22hrs non-stop. Just hope the winds are in your favour
Good luck


Thx for your recommendation. I will change it

No problem and good luck with your flight

I recently did my longest Flight ever, 25 hours, I did It with the 777LR, I put full fuel, no pax and cargo got to FL300, and did It with 16% of fuel remaining


Well an advice I can give is you can use the 777-200LR instead of 747-8, as can fly 30h29 minutes with the condition of 0.85 Mach and FL320 in my own record (WITH BOTH ENGINES TURNED ON AT ALL TIME LOL)

Best of luck with that flight. Use the a350. I used it for singapore to jfk in one flight and i had plenty of fuel left in the tank. Dont use the 747. It drinks fuel heavily lol

Go to Shanghai. Or do EGLL to HNL 😂.

RJTT SBGL ultra long

Please look at the date this topic was published before replying. The OP has likely already done the ULH mentioned in this topic.


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