Recommendations for great cheap android

I would like to purchase a cheap android product that runs infinite flight well and can handle long haul flights. 👍😄 tablets prefered

While I cannot give you any specific recommendations, have a look through here!


I play IF mostly on my phone, the OnePlus 7 Pro. I run very high airplane count, and highest graphics and rendering without any issues! It is a stellar phone that I say is better than the top most expenses phones out there, but for a lesser price

Poco phone F1, it’s great for infinite flight and can also run other games at the same time very well. Only costs about 300 euros

Depends on what you count as cheap.

I’d recommend my phone (Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)). It can run IF quite well if you can handle a tiny bit of lag and never really gets many problems on long hauls apart from heat. To fix that, just close background apps.

Galaxy s20 ultra 😁🤣

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Hey there, could you possible compile all of your questions about compatibility etc into a single topic? It clogs up the forum, and there really is no need for it…

A Huawei Y9 is great at gaming too well almost every game dosen’t lag and IF dosen’t lag. Just costs almost 200 euros and many still have android but some don’t. Check like from Amazon and read if it has Android. This is good for IF but if u trust it.

It’s not super expensive anymore but it’s still up there, however (this is quite bias) the Galaxy S8 is an amazing phone for IF. It is what I personally use for everything and handles it all just fine. I’ve been able to run 20hr flights without any problems and have apps running in the background.

Currently in 2020 you can get a Samsung Galaxy S8 for about $400USD (€363.52, ¥43,336.40).

I personally got mine from Straight Talk at Walmart as that was my service provider at the time. They still sell the S8 and I’m pretty sure you aren’t required to have a plan with them to purchase it.

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