Recommendations for cheap long haul tablets

Hello all I am looking to buy a cheap trustworthy tablet that won’t crash during long haul flights (cheap) I wouldn’t mind if it was on medium setting either ? Also if anyone has the Samsung galaxy tab a 2019 pls say whether it is smooth for long haul flights? Thx😄👍

I don’t know of any, but realistically unless youre willing to spend a couple hundred dollars, I don’t think you’ll get any

On the other hand, I sometimes use my 5 year old IPhone 6s for flights, and just a few weeks ago I made Perth to London which took 17 hours and it didn’t crash

We have a thread for devices that are compatible with Infinite Flight. You can check out information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 here:

If you’re more concerned about pricing, I’m not really sure. But if you can find an older model that runs Infinite Flight really well, that might work. Have a great day!


Your best bet is to probably get a used device in good condition after checking the topic linked above by @pingu to make your decision.

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