Recommendation for Live Flight

I have a recommendation for Live Flight, since a lot of aircraft have been updated/added since the creation of Live Flight, many of the photos are outdated, low res, or just incorrect, so I have an idea, people on the IFC can upload photos to Live Flight of a certain aircraft almost like Jet Photos, they would have to be approved by someone. It would be a nice touch since some photos look like this

As you can see, no gear tilt, the aircraft is outdated in the photo, it would be pretty cool to also link to this as well kind of like how FR24 and Jet Photos are linked.


I like this idea.

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Fun fact, me and @USA_ATC’s original idea for IFPhotos was for it to be connected to live flight :)

I like this idea


Love that idea @Xaro we might try and pursue this!!!

We are also working on some updates 👀 so possibly after the update we will get to working on this!

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