Recommendation, do not step away from your device!

I’ve been on the expert server for about four months now and I’ve had a single problem. I find it pretty easy to follow instructions and because of that have not gotten a violation since being in expert.

Tonight I was desending and had passed 10000ft under 250knts in a MD-11F. I kidd you not, I stepped away from my device for 1 minute to plug in a phone and I came back and I had a violafion message. I immediately quit and it said I had 4! I did not know you could get one then one for the same problem. In my opinion that kind of seems alittle unfair but I can see its reasoning for people who are constantly breaking the rules, but for an honest mistake it seems alittle much.

All that being said I’m kicked our of expert server for God knows how long , and I do not even know why I overspeeded… the MD-11F is a slippery bird though like the triple 7.


There is nothing you can do but wait a week, stay at your device during crucial periods of your flight

Seriously a week!

That is the time period when you get a violation

It’s important to not go anywhere during critical parts of the flight. Take this as a learning experience. You now know the importance of staying at your device at all times during critical time of flight. It’s only one week and you’ll be back to your original grade with a little more knowledge.

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You can step away from your device only when you are at cruise level safely!


I suggest stay at your device BELOW 10,000 FEET

Wow that is frustrating. All I’ve been doing for the past two months is flying on Infinite Flight because of the quarantine and now I won’t be able to have ATC or realism or anything

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It’s only for 1 week. Look at it on the bright side. You now know not to do this and it won’t happen again most likely. :)

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Fair enough thanks guys I appreciate it.

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I was at cruise level on a350 on autopilot set at mach 0.85 after midway into flight suddenly my speed increased to 1000 airspeed and mach 0.97 don’t know how this happened i saw it in time and dodged a violation

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Violations come in 20 second increments until you receive 5, in which you will be system ghosted. On the bright side, while the violations that you’ve received will be on your record, the ghost that you have received does not count towards your grade table. Wait until those violations shed off and you’ll be back soon.


If ever needed, I recommend setting your speed lower to 225 with A/P if you need to step away, since it’ll still take a while for it to speed back up if it does. Make sure to keep flaps if you’re really slow or low, and also keep spoilers in-flight to help it stay at a certain speed!

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I think that you should stay at your device until cruise. You never know what may happen during climb

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Sometimes it happens while your device is in your hands. Quick example: I looked at the TV screen for less than 45 seconds and looked back down to see 3 violations.

Lesson: Don’t leave your device, but don’t look away from it either.

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Hello, I understand how annoying it is. Just last month I was doing something, forgot I was passing 10,000ft and got four violations. It is annoying. So, just be careful!


It is very worrying when you’re kicked off the server for a week, but look at the bright side. This gives you time to go through most of the IF tutorials, and the tips people post on IFC.
You can practice these on the training or casual server and when you finally get back into the expert server you would have learnt a lot more.

Now wait a sec, you’re not supposed to be kicked off of expert for a week because of a system ghost…

Always when you climb and Decend you should stay with your Device, you should only be away in cruise.

Yes you are if you get that much ur gone for a week