Recommendation: Do not fly Southwest...maybe

Two weeks ago i flew southwest for the first time, got upgraded to business select and i asked a fellow passenger and he said “they line you up like cattle (a metaphor) and let you loose.” I was not happy at the risk of me sitting away from my family or anyone else. Also, people hogging up two seats with their purses and bags and not willing to negotiate on seats is just a pain. Anyone would love to have seating assignments but with southwest, just letting you loose on the aircraft and choosing a seat does no good, it creates struggle and pain to deal with ok my luggage is in the very front of the aircraft but i’m sitting in the back middle rows next to random strangers that won’t even budge.
On aircrafts that are equipped with wifi there is an option to watch live TV for free or watch pre downloaded shows.
Cabin crew is very friendly and have nice snacks.

lined up in random order (mostly business select (A1-15) all the way down to (C:1-15)
Most likely to be separated from loved one if on C boarding position and also luggage which is a pain if your’s is all the way in the back and you’re in the front.
Overall it was fairly good since cabin crew and free wifi. But i hate being separated from my family and lining up to be let loose in the aircraft in a strange way.

Yeah Southwest has its ups and downs but I think that overall it is a good airline. There are always the “Big Three” (American, Delta, United) that you can fly to fix these issues that you discovered. :)


A tad bit more expensive than southwest. ;)

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JetBlue or Spirit might be good alternatives depending on where you live.

I would try to avoid Spirit. They have been consistently bad for me. :(

Alaska and Jetblue are my favorite us airline.
My favorite international airline is ANA


Your situation with getting split from loved ones shouldn’t have happened. That happened to my dad once and they let the rest of the family board with him.
I like southwest for short flights(1-2.5hrs) but I would not take it cross country.


I would love to be away from my family when we travel on the same plane. I prefer doing my own thing on flights.

Purhase advanced boarding

Spirit has also really cheap seats but has horrible service and small seats

Never have had an issue with Southwest. I recommend them.

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I don’t think this is a good reason to recommend that no one should fly Southwest. It’s just a preference, really. A lot of people don’t mind the inconvenience of unassigned seats for the lower price.

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yea thats why i said maybe, i like southwest but im just gonna have to purchase business select with my family. Which isnt much and is way cheaper than delta and other major airlines

Southwest is the only airline in the US to still have a heart, both figuratively and physically on each plane.


@Ryan_Vince lol

I fly southwest for 1-5hrs but American for 8-16 hrs

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Not that I often fly 16 hrs

Well I always use SWA when I travel in the US, and sincerely I never had problems with the service and client treatment.

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When you purchase your ticket they tell you all this in the fine print. No one flys suthwest for assign seating they do it because it’s “low cost”.