Recommend routes longer than 20 hours and I will do them :)

Hi, I’m Nezuko.

Well, I characterize myself for being in IF a person who loves to make flights or routes out of the ordinary, “exotic”.

Today I come to ask you for some ultra long distance routes (more than 20 hours of flight) and I’ll be glad to do them with a group of friends.

Here are some of the routes I have flown so far :)

This one in January, it was a long time ago but I loved it (SKBQ - WSSS).

This one was recently, on June 11 and was with a group of 6 friends, it lasted 20h48m and was from LEMD to NZAA.

I just finished this one recently and it is the longest I have fly in IF (LIRF - SCEL) (SCEL - KIAD) for a total of 22h33m almost continuous.

Well friends, I hope you keep recommending me routes to enlist my phone and venture into a new experience ;)


You should try Hong Kong to Rio, shoul take around 22 hours. Try it on the Cathay A350-900. Could also try Auckland to Cairo on the Air New Zealand B787-9. Will be between 21 and 22 hours.


Thank you very much for your suggestions! They will be the next ones I will do and I will update the post when I have completed them :)

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Sounds good, hope you enjoy!

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KJFK to KLGA, but you take the long way.


From Brussels to Wellington (New Zealand), or anywhere in Oceania!

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LFPG to NTAA in Air Tahiti NUI 787-9 is also a good one, took me a little under 20h. And I almost ran out of fuel 😂, it’s definitely pushing the 787 to it’s limit, but still a very nice route.

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Very impressive! I’d suggest you put this on the thread I’ve linked, with the criteria of 20+ hours! (I would try Auckland to Keflavik, which I did with the A359)

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You should try Johannesburg to Honolulu FAOR-PHNL. It should take an estimated 21 hours to complete.

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Hanoi to Lima

10,300 NM so probably longer than 20 hours

Try the latam 777 or Vietnam a350

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How about OMDB-YSSY the long way around

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Thank you all for your recommendations! I will soon be doing all the flights that you have recommended and I will update the post ;)

Do EGLL-YSSY, you can do the callsigns ‘BAW 350K’ (generic a359) or ‘QF 350K’ (generic a359)

buenos aires - seoul, taipei - asuncion, santiago to xian, johannesburg - honolulu, enjoy

39 horas

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¡Estupendo! Definitivamente esto es una gran hazaña. (Te contesto en español debido a tu nombre Haha)

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Port Louis FIMP to Mexico City MMMX. About 20.5 hrs when I flew that route.

As well as VHHH to SPJC.

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