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Hi everyone~! I planning to buy ipad pro 11 2020 or ipad air 2020. So I’d like to play Infinite Flight very smooth without overheat and battery problem. which device more better for play infinite flight? image

Hey you can find your device here which gives all the specs and a rating for it on how well it’s handled IF

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Both devices are fairly new, and knowing people that have both devices, they can run on high graphics flawlessly.

However, from an Apple geek standpoint, you’ll get more bang for your buck with the Air, with the latest chip and hardware, it’s a much better deal to get it over the Pro ;)


Hello @ASIANA_VA_HyeonSeok, I’ve used both and they work very well. Also you can use the device comparability guide below:

Device Compatibility Thread 22.3 - Built By Us For You!

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Kinda adding on to what Thunderbolt said

I have the iPad Air 3rd Gen and rarely never have problems only a bit of lag at airports with a ton of planes. Have not had the pro so I can’t really say anything about it.

Edit: Plus the iPad Air is cheaper

I do have a iPad 7th Gen, and I can tell you that it does overheat quite a bit, especially when flying planes such as 777s (basically the updated ones). So I do recommend you to get something more powerful then just iPad. .

I do have a solution if your iPad does get hot, which is just to place a wet towel behind the place where it heats up most, usually cools it down quite a bit.

If you have the money to go for the pro, get that. That’s because it has a thing which the air 4 lacks- pro motion, that is a 120hz screen. The air 4 only has a 60hz display, so you’ll get a much more better experience with the pro. The pro also has the added advantage of a better battery and a larger storage. If you are on a budget, I would suggest you go for the air 4 as it is a steal for it’s price.

Battery issues are something you can’t control. Naturally, as a device ages and goes through charging cycles, wear and tear begins to take a toll on a battery. Graphically intense games like Infinite Flight only speed up the wear and tear.

Hey mate,
I use the iPad Pro, it’s amazing. I have no idea about the IPad Air though, however there wouldn’t be much of a difference.
For flying though, I find it good, but easier to fly on a phone as my fingers can touch every button. Controlling is better with an iPad

Both devices is absolutely amazing, I personally have the pro.

I would recommend the pro, or a 2018 pro instead of the air. Although the air is newer than the 2018 pro, you get more with the pro.

Two of the most important things that the pro has is:
120 hz
Face ID

Conclusion: both devices works amazing for IF, but outside IF the pro is better, so I recommend the pro from 2018 or 2020.

The price for a almost new 2018 pro is about the same as a air from 2020

I got an iPad Pro 11 2020 for christmas and I can do 6-7 hours of IF without charging it and it heats a little, so I recommend this one

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