Recomended Small Airports for General Aviation

I really appreciate the small airports that don’t get much attention. That’s why I get stoked when I’m flying a cross country and spot a place I’m sure barely anyone has used but looks like loads of fun that I really want to revisit. So I would love to have a place to record these gems. Further, I want to hear your guys’ findings in this huge world that Infinite Flight offers.

Post below about the small, charming, fun, etc… airports you find on your Infinite Flight journeys.

Here are some of mine:

KSUX (Sioux City) is a good place for GA.

Cool thanks! Anyone else got some wisdom?

Lincoln or Omaha municipal airport. Pick one, but I say Omaha because it’s bigger.

I went with Omaha-actually really pleasant. Been scoping out some awesome little airstrips on my journey.

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How about KOGA?? It’s in Southwest Nebraska

I’ll have a look!

Let me know if it’s too small

Should we turn this thread into a place to share the fun, charming, interesting, etc airports we find or is there already a thread for that? (this would mean small airports that deserve some GA attention!)

  • Yes
  • No-already done
  • No-bad idea

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@Cody_M. MaxSez: An excellent source for your GA go for airports that have “Fixed Base Operations” (FBO’s/GA Services) is Us the airport finder drop down. An alternate “FBO’s by State on the Web is available.
Regards, Max

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I’ll bookmark it.

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KJKA Gulf Shores, Alabama

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Corona Municipal
It’s a nice small airport where mostly 172’s fly out of.

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I like to go to KPLU.
It has a different name in the game it is 1S0.
It is in Washington state USA.

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Teterboro the exec airport of NYC

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I’ll say KCGX (Meigs Field) has a fun little runway right next to downtown Chicago.

KSTP in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that used to be Mineapolis’s version of London City airport. It used to have hopper flights to MSP international airport by Northwest Airlines, but is now just a GA airport.

CYBW in the greater Calgary area is a gem for short hops to Montana, Banff, and the Okanagan Valley!

Alright we need to have a chat, you’re a Calgarian eh? I live in Canmore and I flew a bit in the Okanagan! Now I’m in Cranbrook

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