Recipe For A Perfect Taxi


Now I can taxi well without going into the grass


This really helps thanks lad


I didn’t even know this topic existed, though it really helped me out on how to do a realistic taxi.


What lane do we use taxiing to takeoff? I see people using the left more than right but shouldnt it be tthe right so the left lane will be open for planes exiting the runway?


I have the same question as when I am on the right planes are coming toward me…


Not necessarily. Here on IF we don’t see as much of traffic as irl. But when it does get crowded however, choose the path of least resistance. Controllers usually give the exit runway with left/right turns so listen out for those and you’ll be able to avoid causing a blockage. IFATC are trained to avoid this. However if you’re in an uncontrolled airport, I’d say just give way to the aircraft exiting the runway. You don’t want to hold up the planes inbound. Some runways don’t have taxiways on both sides so this might be the best way to go about it. I hope I answered your question but if in doubt, my inbox is always open.


I have another beginners question. When I am on approach to airport say Tampa… I am arriving from the north as I flew out of ATL. In grade 1 online - which downwind leg am I on for runway 9L right or left? If I am on the west side going south … Does that make sense—— i announced a right downwind leg but was guessing…if it is not clear I can try again… be nice I am new…


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Okay ive never heard this. The way ive used and that has worked pretty well is to try to imagine the middle cockpit windscreen bar as the center due to there being two seats. Your crotch would not be the center of the aircraft inless i am missing something such as a “to the right of centerline, lineup”. even though it may be a “scewed” view, i still try to align that middle bar to the centerline. I may be mistaken, or something else but this completely contradicts everything ive done to line up centerline since way before global.


Nice, it’s strange I nail lining up with the runway but taxi to line up with the centerline is hard.


Well explained very good recommendations 👍


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