Recieved speed violation while following radar vectors from ATC

David, not sure if you were approach at PSP tonight about 1030ish…on training server

NN441UN here…was approaching PSP at instructed 8000 ft…was flying at 240 kts at the time…was requested by approach to increase speed to 300 kts…i was assuming controller was trying to “slide me in” before an approaching delta flight…I kinda debated this but assumed (and was wrong) that i wouldn’t get a violation of approach controller instructed me to do this…so now i am ghosted (about to have a silly one (on my part) expire and now this…thanks for input…

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It’s a Training Server

fly expert.

also there is a “unable” reply message.


How were you ghosted on TS1 first of all? Violation yea, but not ghosted.

The only violation that is nullified by an ATC instruction is holding on a Runway. You will not get a runway idle violation if told to sit there by ATC. Otherwise all other violations are enforced automatically regardless of ATC instruction. Just giving you a heads up. Not much else that can be done really.


Just use your common sense. If you know you’re gonna get a violation from this, just don’t do it and reply ‘unable’

You were not ghosted. You received speed violations for violating a rule that everyone knows about. What, precisely, is supposed to happen here?

If a TS1 approach controller instructs you to increase speed to 300 knots (something of which I’m dubious, absent a screenshot, anyway), you simply don’t.

Also, the only reason violations would matter significantly would be if they barred you from the Expert server, which clearly isn’t a huge issue for you, given you were flying on TS as it is. What exactly do you want here?