Recharge problem

I’m an Android user. When I bought a pro, I quit the program. After I went in again, I deducted money, but there was no Pro point G to buy the pro page. It shows that “you have subscribed” but I don’t have a pro, but I’ve given money, and I can’t buy it again. I try to use infinite After the flight was uninstalled and re installed, there was a pro, but my previous account information was gone, and it became an initial account, as well as logging in to my previous IFC. What should be done?What should I do?

I am so angry now

You’ve already been provided instructions by @schyllberg Please follow them to have your issue resolved.


Where is the solution?

You’ve been asked to send an email to

Listing as much information as possible, such as your callsign, previous purchase receipts, and they will do their best to assist you as soon as possible.

If you copy that address ( into your email app, be that Gmail or something else, you can send them an email to try and get the issue sorted.

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I click that link and I’m here

If you’re referring as in that is the solution to your problem, there should be a box with a tick in it to indicate the helpful post that was your solution.

If you’re still having an issue then Kirito’s instructions are important to follow. :)

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Is to send an email to Is that right?

Just ctrl-c/ long press and copy it directly.


You need to try and provide some more information. You said you bought a subscription, there should be a purchase receipt inside of the play store/ whatever app store you use. Try and attach a copy of that if you can, just don’t send it here.

Thank you for your help!

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