Recharge problem

I’m an Android user. When I bought a pro, I quit the program. After I went in again, I deducted money, but there was no Pro point G to buy the pro page. It shows that “you have subscribed” but I don’t have a pro, but I’ve given money, and I can’t buy it again. I try to use infinite After the flight was uninstalled and re installed, there was a pro, but my previous account information was gone, and it became an initial account, as well as logging in to my previous IFC. What should be done?

Hello! Have you attempted to use the “restore purchases” button?


My previous account information is all gone, there are more than 1000 hours of flight time

Where is this button?

When you go into the aircraft section press the “restore purchases” button at the bottom.

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The button is in the aircraft selection section, directly below the aircraft preview

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So just to confirm, you’ve lost your original account and you have an active subscription on it, correct?

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Yes, I’m sure

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Are you able to log into the original account?

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You can log in to the original IFC, but the account information in the game is gone


Perhaps did you log in to a different account in the IF app itself? Despite linking into the same IFC account, it is still possible to log into the actual simulation with a different account

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I still use the original Google account to download and buy the pro or the original IFC login

What should I do?

If you go to the home page of the app click your profile at the top right corner go to account and switch account. Then try log into the original account.

Attempt to delete and reinstall the app, and log in with the same account. It’s possible something became corrupted, not allowing you to connect to your stats.

If it says that you don’t have an active subscription then try contacting support via this email

Yes, I’d like to contact the official now

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Collin he’s already contacting support. The actual support staff just isn’t active at the moment. The email is mainly for people without a community membership.

Before you do can you try this first: I may have found a solution.

I’m so angry now. I’ve played this number for a long time