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Hello. Yesterday afternoon, I was ghosted when I departed CYYZ’s Runway 05 on the Expert Server as an Air Canada A321. The person on final did not make a message about being on final and was about 2NM on final, so I did an immeadiate takeoff. There was no ATC and just Unicom. Can I talk to @DeerCrusher about this since I was reported by him so I can know what I did wrong?

You can send him a PM if you’d like to resolve this issue :)

I’m not here to judge the situation, but from personal knowledge i know that, if there’s another pilot inbound around 2NM out, you shouldn’t do a immediate takeoff at that point, the margin is too close between you two. And you said there’ no ATC, well he just may have come online just as you were about to takeoff, and saw the dreadful error of a plane nearing its final moments of a flight (short-final/landing), and you attempting to takeoff when you most likely shouldn’t…


Send @DeerCrusher a PM about it but in my knowledge, you shouldn’t even enter the runway for take off if the approaching aircraft is only 2nm from the runway.


I suggest a mod closes this now.


Please PM @DeerCrusher