Recently bought the C130, but after Global it is gone

Hello, I had recently bought the c130J plane before global, and now after Global it’s showing as it still needs to be bought. All the other planes I had bought like the 787 -8 are unlocked. Please Do NOT tell me to
restore purchases because I have done that in every possible way. Can somebody explain this bug?


try restarting your phone and the app

It appears you are on iOS, you can try to download the variant you bought, Apple should say “you already bought this” or something and begin downloading.

I will definately try this. Thank you.

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If, for some reason you do get charged twice you can contact their support here: Contact - How to Contact Us - Apple

Yeah I’m a little nervous to try but here goes

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Double check you are on the same apple ID real quick ;)

Double checked. And got charged twice. Hello Support.

Hmm, darn. Normally that works for most people.

You can get a refund from apple for that.

After I work it out with Apple, I will have the plane anyway. Thanks for your willingness to help tho