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In the most recent update on my IPhone it says the A330-300 has 8 new liveries and the 777-300ER has some new ones as well and some livery fixes but nothing is showing up. Anyone know why or how to fix it?

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You mean you can’t update or is nothing showing up in app? Try uninstalling then reinstalling Infinite Flight

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I have updated the app and the update content doesn’t seem to show up, I will try and delete and reinstall

What device?

Check if there is the WOW air A330. If there is, you have the update.

It’s there but I got that update weeks ago and another update came in saying 8 more liveries are being added that’s my issue

iPhone X still no luck after reinstalling

There was a hotfix update for 19.1. So the text showed up the same while it had the new hotfix in it:)

With major updates there will be a list of everything new. The updates since have been hot fixes so that’s just been added to it. There aren’t any more A330 livers other than the ones that cane with the rework, same with the B777. Hope this makes sense.

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