Recent touch and goes compilation Infinite Flight

I have collected some of my recent touch and goes, which in my opinion is the most interesting part in IF, and additionally it helps a lot to get familiar to a plane.

Most touch and goes in my case is in causal server since I don’t want to bother other people by occupying a run way for a while. The content in this video is recorded in kcvg, kdfw and klax.

Have fun and leave a LIKE if you think so.


It was no trouble bro another satisfied flyer 👊🏻 Pop by the YouTube channel and subscribe if your not too busy 👨‍✈️

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Sure thing.

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Thanks bro appreciate it. If you ever want to be in one of the YouTube videos and then put it on yours I’m more then happy to arrange something 👊🏻

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Maybe you should hide the texts next time. Great tho, wish I had that skill

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Thanks! I agree with you but It’s hard to hide text when use an iPhone. I use to do at least 5 touch and goes in a row for the practice purpose, just a matter of time to get better actually.

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There is a setting to hide the texts

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Thanks, gonna try next time

Thanks :) :):)

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