Recent spotting in Wellington!

Thought I’d share some of my recent shots from NZWN. Enjoy!


amazing pictures!

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Haven’t seen you here in a while! Absolutely incredible shots!

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Thanks mate!

Yeah it’s been a while, I made a move to some other sims (; so I’ll mostly be posting plane spotting pics! Thanks dude!

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These are just 🤯, I absolutely love them, @Moritz I found you a bit of competition…


I’m glad you do!! @Moritz , game on (;


Already back at the airport to beat you 😜


Great pictures!
I’m really looking forward to the summer season (here in the north) with more hours of daylight, the sun goes up at 9 and down at 4. Quite a small timeframe to go out and do some planespotting. :(

Whoa you’re back

You’re back! These are some amazing photos, the first three are my favorites. I’ve gotta say, (because you deserve it), great job!

Wow! Some incredible pictures (especially the close-up ones and the first departure shots). Looking good, thanks for sharing!

Those are some spectacular shots!

Absolutely superb shots. Great work!

Looking forward to seeing some! 😊

Cheers mate 👌

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Just for plane spotting, hope that’s enough 😂

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Glad you like them! Hoping to give you guys some more soon!

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Thanks mate, appreciated!

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It’s amazing how such big planes can use that runway