Recent screenshots

Mostly taken at VHHH, b787-8 touch and goes. Casual server, in between 9-10pm central time.

Honestly this game is kind of boring if you are the only bird… so I found one and followed him… Hopefully he didn’t mind :)

Touch down … well 787 is a beautiful bird isn’t it?

Another day, I was so bored… So I followed this nice huge bird again! Well hopefully he didn’t mind as well :)

Touch down, again…

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures, leave a like if you think so. :)


Those are really nice! Sometimes i wish someone would follow me lol

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I like the one with the Korean Air 747. What camera mode did you use?

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Switch to free view mode, then navigate to any desired location. Double tap any plane to allow the camera to track.

Great, thanks :)

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Nice Pics! Very artistic :)

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Thanks, it can be better if the smartphone can support a higher order polygon scene.

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