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So the other day I noticed a new feature in profiles. It shows the recent read time. I don’t care when it was added all that much but I don’t understand how it’s a beneficial stat. And I have a couple of questions about it:

  • I can clearly understand the purpose, but how does it benefit anyone?
  • How far back in time is considered recent?
  • Is there any implied data that we could interpret from the stat? If so, what?

Thanks in advance for helping me gain a better understanding.

Edit: I went to the discourse website and got one of my questions answered. Apparently the recent read time goes back the last sixty (60) days.


I know that regular is something that can be lost over time, I am sure that the recent read time is a factor.

I think it is also in the past 90 days or so because 21d read time is physically impossible without that.

Lastly, I guess you can see how addicted some people… cough cough… me… to the forum.


Check my edit. Recent read time goes back 60 days.


i guess it shows how involved you are in the IFC

Sorry if this is off topic, but I have had recent read time for a while now.

I found this article that explains the goal of the stat. And now I understand the true purpose behind it. Its there to encourage people to read more. And quite honestly, that’s what I spend most of my time doing on this forum. I also agree with the point brought up that the people reading are just as valuable as the people talking. Without people listening to the conversation, there isn’t anything meaningful to contribute. Check out the blog post and read more of it to get a better understanding like I did.

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Recent read time of about 3 days… What am I doing with my life??

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Actually, your recent read time is 1 day, your total read time is 3 days. ;)

Well, still enough for me to question my life xD

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I have 14 days read time all up and 4 recently… wow.

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21 days. And you guys are wondering what you do with your life. Haha!

30 AM

I am officially the most no-lifer here. 😜

Seriously though, it’s likely that it’s just another stat that helps us track user activity over a specific period. Other than that, I don’t see any beneficial purpose (like many other stats as well).


You have spent 64 days of your life reading posts on a flight simulator forum? That’s dedication; I can’t even spend five minutes focusing on math.