Recent Poor Performance

Starting just last night I’ve been experiencing very slow or even unresponsive loading of the app. Has anyone else been having issues with graphics and touch screen response? Today I’ve had laggy or unresponsive touch screen selections, delayed terrain loading and the app has crashed a couple of times when beginning ATC and flight sessions. I’ve just uninstalled the app and tried a complete factory reset, unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
5th generation iPad
iPad version: 12.3.1
IF version: 19.02.03

What are your graphics settings set to in the app?

How much free storage space do you have?

121 gigs of free space after the factory reset, graphics are all set to the lowest setting. Limit frame rate is also enables.

Are you relating to this issue?

Reading the description of this one it seems like he’s referring to the server connection. I don’t have any issues with that, however once the splash screen goes away there’s 5-10 seconds of loading the field scenery if I select ATC on TS. That’s if it doesn’t crash in the process. I just tried a flight and I was able to load everything very well, even after switching to high graphics and rendering. I left “limit frame rate” disabled but all other graphics were maxed out. The flight portion seems to be pretty normal, ATC is the remaining issue.

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Here’s a video of the issue:

I apologize for the background noise, after all he’s only four years old and “be quiet please” is still a relative term 😂

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