Recent pics of Europe Codeshares

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I’ve been flying tons of Delta codeshares in Europe recently, and I have captured some nice photos along the way. These are sky team codeshares that include AF/KLM and Alitalia. Hope y’all enjoy

Photos may be used but must be credited to @Pilot_urp

Group Flight up to Oslo

3 of us in DLVA went up to Oslo from Amsterdam in KLM E190s. I really like the Norwegian scenery as it features many lakes and bodies of water near airports.

Wheels down in South Africa

Did an overnight from LFPG in the AF 77W for FAOR. Before this, I had not been to FAOR in over 6 months or something. Happy to be back!

Final over the desert

On final for LEAL, Alicante. Nice sunrise over the desert as I came in. Replay really shines with the under-the-wing view.

Welcome to Israel

AF A320 from CDG touching down in Ben Gurion Airport. One of the smoothest landings I’ve done in the A320 at -13. Always love flying around this region.

Bound for Italia

Right after the Air France flight, I flew the AZ 321 for Rome. Pretty nice route as you cross the scenic Mediterranean Sea.

That’s all!

Those were the pics that I deemed worthy of uploading to you guys. Hope I can get some more in different places as I work the DL+ database. I’m very excited to fly around SA once the scenery is released.


Those are so great! Love the last one!

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I love the shine on the planes

Great photos! You should def try out some flights in the Western parts of Norway to as the scenery is stunning!

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I’ve done that. Bergen, Alesund, and Trondheim to name a few. No doubt it’s amazing

Beautiful, and once again beautiful pictures. Europe will remain in my heart and I will love this continent forever. Although I like the way you used different liveries to take the pictures. Have a nice day. 👍

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Nice photos! Is it true Alitalia went bankrupt recently?

Nope, but they are on the road to bankruptcy. I know Delta has a 10% share in them. Not sure if it will get them back going, but there are efforts to try and propel them back up

the plane in the last pic looks like a real life one, good job on the photos mate

Thx man, second to last is actually my fav but I’m a fan of the last one too

Those are some great shots man.


I really like the pictures and the fact that you explain each place etc… Good job

Nice pics 😁