Recent ghosting

I have a question for any moderator who sees this. I was just on the expert server in the Citation X at PHTO. Runway 08 was green at the time i announced my plan to taxi toward it, but as i did so i received a message stating that i had been reported by several users and i was subsequently ghosted. Why?!

This belongs under #live

I don’t care where it belongs. I committed no offense but i was punished for it. My continued use of this simulator hangs in the balance.

From now on, please put these in #live:atc 🙂

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Hey bud we’re here to help you ,please calm down now he didn’t ghost you don’t take things out on them.
They are just telling you the rules


If all of the other pilots were lining up at 26 then that is where you should have taxied.

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People don’t report others for no reason, especially on the expert server. Now, I’m not an ATC mod, but could you have done anything to violate the TOS or in-sim rules (ex. offensive call sign, over speed, lack of Unicom commands, etc.)?


That is unsatisfactory. I taxied to the runway most suitable considering the wind conditions. Good bye.

Look man contact @Mark_Denton good luck with your attitude.


Wind direction does not mean active runway, PHTO always uses 26 because of the easy approach over the water.

I recommend you brush up on your #tutorials


Once again we are here to help you, do not be rude.

Need you all be reminded.


Contact myself or @Mark_Denton.

Okay @masullivan43, you were ghosted for attempting to depart runway 08 when multiple aircraft were inbound to runway 26. You were observed back taxiing runway 08. Once you turned around with the intention to depart and aircraft on final to 26 you were ghosted. Please check your map in the future to determine the current traffic flow.

Announcing your intentions on the UNICOM is only half the battle. See below:

No need to contact a moderator. Thanks!